How to protect yourself while skiing around Cieplice, Poland

By traveling to the village of Cieplice, Poland, you can stay in the city of Jelena Gora which is close to the border of Czech Republic. Several ski resorts are found near the  city. The mountain called Krkonoše is chosen for the purpose of skiing by travelers on most occasions. It is a dream of every skier to fly down the slopes of the mountain effortlessly. Steady rush of wind is felt over the face while skiing. By learning this sport at an early age, you can take advantage of it for years. However, matters of safety must not be taken lightly, ever. To steer away head injuries, frost bite, blown knees and sunburn, it is better to be equipped with the best ski goggles and best ski helmets, Safety tips given by the instructor must be followed always.

Safety Tips

Safeguard your head

Due to recreational activity like skiing, you may have to visit emergency room of a hospital without proper safety measures. Head injuries are seen often. 20% of all skiing injuries are generally to the head, which sometimes leads to death. It is necessary to wear best ski helmets on the occasion. Several insurance companies will often ask skiers to wear helmets.

Safety Points:
  • Layered clothing must be worn according to weather condition
  • Sun block is important also
  • Stay aware about the obstacles
  • Children must be supervised properly
Selection of perfect equipment

You can often get recommendations from a ski resort professional for choosing equipment. Height and weight of the skiers generally plays an important role. Bindings must be checked properly before skiing. To protect the eyes, it is important wear the best ski goggles.  Ski poles must be handled with care always.

Understand the risks

Injuries are often seen in the legs and knees along with the head and wrist. You can often take ski lessons from experts for safety. For the beginners, it’s the best option to learn this adventure sport.

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